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Instead of booking an appointment with a couple massage therapists, let's set the love pub higher and give your spouse a massage. Couple massages help to relax, lower cortisol and alleviate stress. But above all, they increase your familiarity degree since the skin on skin contact sparks oxytocin. This bonding hormone is connected with the longevity of a relationship. Couples who maintain their oxytocin levels high, stay together the longest.

Australia's top few massage therapist Denis Merkas, who massaged A-list actors such as Pierce Brosnan or the Pussy Cat Dolls, has established his own course which helps couples to reconnect and get intimate with his or her partner. Check out his course to find out his methods and enjoy more intimacy in your relationship!

Here are some useful tips if You Would like to Begin right away:


Setting the mood.

Pick some scented candles; just be sure the scent isn't too powerful that might contradict the aroma of the massage oil you will utilize. You may elect for bamboo and pine, bamboo musk, juniper berries, vanilla, lavender or white blossoms. These give off fragile scents which will aid the calming process. Make certain that you have a secure space between the candles and the massage-area. Along with the candles, you should also take under consideration the songs to be played during the massage. You may download the ones used on spas -- the noise of running water, soft bird chirping, violin being played, wind blowing jak zagadać do dziewczyny będąc nieśmiałym or some other character soundtrack. This will also drown away any outside noise and will remove awkward silence.

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Get the Fundamentals


The Bed

It's great in case you have a massage mattress but it's fine if you don't. It is simple to do the session within the bedroom or just set the mattress out if you want an outdoor feel. Be sure that the covers are clean since the oil will readily attract dirt. It is sensible to perform the massage on a soft mattress because there will be pressure applied and you do not wish to sandwich her between you and the floor. There must be sufficient cushions to allow it to be enjoyable.


Have clean towels handy to protect the body and to wash off excess oil. Choose thick and soft towels to boost relaxation. Avoid using rough or ripped towels as these will promote skin friction. Have one little face towel prepared if you need to wash off your perspiration also.

C. Temperature

If you are doing it indoors you'll turn the AC on but don't set it . Massage oils have a tendency to have a warm effect on the entire body when rubbed so it's best to maintain the right temperature to allow the air to circulate around the room. She won't be relaxed as it gets too humid or hot. You may also check on her to know if she's comfortable with the fever. If you are intending to do this outside, avoid noon time. You may opt for a morning session or at night.


Choose your favorite massage oil.

There are a whole lot of massage oils readily available for you and your partner to try. Some of the most popular aromas are:

Patchouli -- earthy and boosts skin cell growth

Chamomile -- aids to elevate her mood

Jasmine -- enhances libido and a great stress reliever

Ginger -- gives a warm feeling

Eucalyptus -- enhances concentration and breathing

It's also important to note that you shouldn't ever pour right on your partner's body, place a tiny amount on your palm first to warm up it using your body warmth. Initiate the few massage session.

Traditionally, a couple massage starts at the back, buttocks and the back of the legs. After heating up the oil in your palm, spread it on the back using smooth strokes based on the pressure your partner prefers. The spine is regarded as one the tight pressure spots which should be the focus of a nice shoulder kneading. Once back rubs and kneading you can now proceed with shoulder presses by moving and pressing your fingers along the shoulder blades. As you massage your partner's back, refrain from placing pressure on bony areas such as spine and ribs to prevent accidental fractures.

Once massaging the whole back area proceed with the arms, arms and finally the rear of the legs. In case you have been attending couple massage classes, you might elect to do simple body stretches but that is optional and you may skip this if you're doing this for the first time. Straightforward presses are great for the arms.

Request your partner to lie on her back and massage her hands and right down to her front legs. Be mindful in massaging the internal thighs because this component is quite sensitive and putting too much pressure can inflict pain. Always ask if you are applying just the right quantity of pressure whenever you're moving into a different body area.

Finally, massage the head, neck, and face. Start with the forehead, move your palms up and round in a circular movement. After a few minutes, apply the identical method to the temples. Employ soft pressure with the palms and rub softly towards the ears. Complete the massage by running your fingers on her scalp and gently applying pressure from her forehead to her head.


Significant tips and reminders


The main objective of a couple massage is relaxation. So it is important to remember these hints:

Make sure that your fingernails are groomed. Long nails may scrape or injure your spouse.

Limit your dialog to double check whether she's familiar with the pressure exerted. Let her bask in the moment and unwind through tranquil meditation.

Be certain that your session will not get interrupted. Turn off all electronic gadgets and appliances for the meantime. Both of you will need to keep your attention.

You and your partner shouldn't eat a full meal two hours before your session. Same thing applies to having alcoholic drinks.


An hour couples massage is a good beginning. Don't rush the session or extend too much.

Make sure that she is comfortable to be massaged in some specific locations. If she is going to be uneasy we're defeating the purpose of giving her the ultimate spa treatment.

A private couple massage is among the greatest ways to reconnect with your partner and to help her rejuvenate after a lengthy week. If done correctly, it will definitely improve intimacy and comfort level between the both of you. The best approach to ensure the success of this bonding moment would be to learn from a specialist. This online course will guide you to get it done the ideal way.