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10 Weird Traits Women Chase at A Guy

Gentlemen now, we're showing you 10 bizarre traits that women chasing a man. We've seen this from Bobby Rio and we all thought we could actually add some more snacks. Women do chase. Well, this video will tell you that. Exactly. Plus the number one trait they really dislike.

Let's get to it. Number 10 father figure gentlemen, when trying to make a girl chase you. It's a great thing to know that women are bound to chase men that they think would be good fathers in the future.

So next time you're talking to her, make it a point to show off some signs that you're going to be a great dad someday.

And so if you don't want any, don't pretend to want them just for the sake of getting the girl, we've got plenty of other traits that might come in handy.

Number nine. This is because where else would they get an idea of what a father figure is other than their very own debts.

Check it out.

Good. This is because if you treat other people correctly, you're probably going to treat your girl in the same manner. So when trying to learn how to get your crush to like you make it obvious that you're a good guy and you'll see that she'll chase you eventually.

It won't help you in your journey of learning how to draw women. Because nice men don't know the difference between being given attention versus being used.

This one's really weird, but we assure you that it's very true girls like guys who aren't idle, and they pursue guys who are always busy with something. This is only because this. It means that the guy knows how to value time, that's the most precious commodity one could ever have. When trying to understand how to make women chase you, then let it be understood that you're a busy body, but you don't waste your time lounging around all day, all the time in short, let them know that you know, how important time is.

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Number six haircare, as they say a woman's crowning glory as their hair, but did you know women also like men's hair to be great? Yes. Having gorgeous hair is one of the weird traits that women chasing a guy. This is because having great hair means that you care about hygiene and your overall health, which is one of the habits.

Women love. Simply because it speaks a lot about one self care. I mean, you can't have healthy, shiny hair once you don't shampoo and condition regularly. Right? So when we speak about hair, facial hair also counts. This is because the study revealed that women, right. Perceive men who have full beards as better fathers.

And you already know how they think about father figures, right? So the next time you're about to shave think twice, because you might just be shaving chances off mastering the art of learning, how to make girls chase you. Do you know what else. We'll make her really chase you. It's knowing more about the habits women love.

We have a video that talks about just that. Check it out here while we know that you can't wait to take a shower and give your hair some TLC. Don't go just yet because we have five more items on our list of weird traits that women chasing a guy. Plus, don't forget that towards the end of this videowe're also going to show you the number one attribute that will get you more bad than good.

Let's leap back in. Number five nutso match. Well, everybody appears to believe that having a great body, big muscles and six pack abs can help you in your search of learning how to get women, jak zagadańá do dziewczyny na fb feniks uwodzenie to chase you. The reverse is just true. Girls. Nowadays are a lot more impressed by men who aren't so perfect, not so buff.

This is because women give significance to those traits that are more than what meets the eye. And if so, should you neglect 't have the perfect figures, then that doesn't automatically put you in a disadvantage. Actually, This may even be an advantage for you because there'll be no pressure for your girl to maintain.

He see there's no need to fret as you can still earn a girl chase. You improve your chances of getting the woman by viewing this video, which is going to hit it's 1.2 million views, Mark. Number four, perhaps not so convinced by now. You already must know that overconfidence will bring you nowhere near your aim of learning, the way to get your crush to enjoy you.


This is only one of those bizarre traits that girls chasing a man, because. Overconfident. They're always confident. And girls overlook 't like that. This counts is weird because we always think that confidence is an automatic girl magnet. However, just like any other thing on this planet, anything that's over.

Isn't great. So guys, what we're telling you here is that being convinced? Isn't bad. Just be careful not to overdo it. Number three. No, go. You can actually pull off all the alpha male body language tricks in the book and still manage to drive a girl away. This can happen if you always agree to anything, she says, her decides upon this is because another one of the weird traits the girls chasing the guy is having the ability to say, no, this is because nobody wants a pushover, including your crush.

While many would think that having someone who always agrees with everything they say is good news, and that's actually not true. Every person has their own mind and opinion. And so they're expected to have their own say, and they're bound to disagree with you at some point, if they don't. It may only mean two things.

They 're trying so hard to impress you, which is why they suppress their true emotions. So it's not to displease you. And two, they actually don't have backbone and they just let other people run their lives. Both of these aren't good signs. And if you're intent on figuring out how to attract girls, then you need to discover how to be.

And stand up for what you believe in this won't just help make a woman chase you. This will inevitably make you a much better person in the long run. Can you know what else could make you a better individual it's knowing and using the alpha male body language tricks to your advantage. Learn more about it by watching our video here, the amount two pet.

E in regards to weird traits that women chase being a dog owner, certainly things. Girls find guys who own dogs or who adore dogs appealing, which is a little weird because really how can owning a dog help you in regards to learning how to create girls choose? Well, women tend to chase men who own dogs, because this shows that a man has obtained.

Multiple enough to take care for another living beings requires furthermore, having a puppy means that you're a for parent and that can't be easy. So this means that you're also not afraid to take responsibility. This is a great plus because girls certainly don't dig men who seem to be allergic to commitment and the responsibility.

It involves. Number 1, older, but golden, probably the weirdest in this list, looking old tops are list of bizarre traits that girls chasing guys. As human beings, the allure of being forever young, isn't lost because we associate youth with health and beauty. However, while the forever young magic works for girls, the opposite is actually desired.

When it comes to men, women tend to find older men or at least men who look older, more attractive than those who have baby faces. This is because women want a man who they can depend on. And a man that's mature enough to be able to stand by their side, to become their partners. They don't want a guy.

They need to look after. And so, as odd as it might seem. Girls chase men who look older, not younger. Wow. We're at the most awaited portion of this video, where we reveal that the number one trait that girls certainly dislike. It's none besides being overly sensitive while girls also don't like guys who don't seem to have a care in the world.

They definitely dislike men who are overly sensitive as well. In short, you need to strike the delicate balance and just stand in the middle. Be sensitive period. No more, no less. Have we missed any other weird traits that we've been chasing. Guys, let us know in the comments below. And if after watching this video, you still find yourself wanting to know more about the tricks to make girls chase you.

We've got you covered check out this video where we show you not one, but 10 of those tricks. Also, don't forget to follow the link in the description box to take advantage of Ben Sarah's biggest sale by far.